okay, so this is the first run of this new journal thingie ann helped me with and it seems like it's cool and will make it even easier for me to drone on about things of import and things of no import what-so-ever.  probably more of the latter, as it is nearly effortless and if things are unimportant, the last thing one wants to do it put out any effort.
it's wednesday night, i am waiting for my laundry to be done so i can go to bed and hopefully sleep the sleep of the just.  anubis has taken to swinging on the bras hanging on the doorknob of the closet door and scratching on a strangely noisy chest since i moved the furniture, but this morning i managed to slow the inevitable waking process by putting a pillow over my head to protect me from the questing paw.
she is very very sweet, but she is more interested in mornings than i am and she is less plagued by insomnia and nightmares.
god, i hate the nightmares.
anyway, it's almost time for the laundry to be done, so maybe i'll see if this actually goes the way it's supposed to go and then log off and head down to the garage.
{title=learning disabled}



it is so so wonderful to know that tomorrow is payday and i can write any number of checks today that will not arrive at the bank until i actually have the funds to cover them.

in other news...well, there really isn't any.
just sitting at my desk and fiddling with this journal thingie to see what happens.
{title=happy hot-check day.}


last night i went over to play cards with my friends corey and allen.

i LOVE playing cards, and we spent a few hours eating pizza, catching up on news and playing "spite and malice"--i think i won two out of the three games, but i can't remember for sure, since winning wasn't the point, really.
anyway, i was over there until after midnight--on a school night!--and then i dragged my sorry ass home by cab, since i didn't feel like waiting for the bus that might not ever come, and then of course had to check my email and at least briefly flirt with a handsome boy in belgium i've got my eye on.
a girl has responsibilities!
so, anubis very forcefully woke me up a little after 4 am, with a paw in my mouth, and she just sort of tormented me until i finally gave up and got out of bed about 645 this morning.  i actually hit the snooze on my alarm clock, something i almost never do, and i swear that i fell asleep more completely in that five minutes than i had in the last two hours.  (i think i had faked anubis out that i was getting up and then i pushed myself over to the very edge of the bed, so she couldn't slap at my very well anymore.)
now comes the problem:  tomorrow is saturday and i want more than anything to sleep long and well...so, do i get up at 5am and feed the cat and go back to bed or do i try to retrain her by ignoring her shenanigans until a reasonable hour?
i bet i get up.
{title=so sleepy!}


last night i had an amazingly good time with the prom for my high school...
i went to the top of the mark first, with a coworker, and had what ended up being a $20 vodka gimlet that really tasted like about the worst well vodka i've ever had, even though it was supposed to be stoli.  we had to pay for "entertainment", which was a bad jazz band.
then we walked across the street to the fairmont and most of the kids were already heading out to do what kids do when they're not at the prom.  we wandered around and danced a little and the hit of the evening was when a security walk-around from the school busted out with his break dancing moves, circa 1990, and surprised all of us with his mad skills.
after the prom we went over to the tonga room, complete with fake rainstorm and loud cover band on a boat in the fake river.  we all had a drink there and then i got three of my friends to go to the 3300 club, back in my neighborhood.
i am fairly certain we were the best-dressed people to ever grace that bar and i had the sterling opportunity to take home a very cute irish boy, but i didn't do it, probably because i was there with three of my coworkers more than because i have suddenly developed any sense at all. maybe next time.
today the ccb was supposed to be over but he's sick, so i took a lengthy nap and now am preparing to clean the apartment up a bit.
you can guess how much progress i'm making!


oh, my!  it's been a busy week.
there was the prom on saturday...and i was busy on sunday-monday morning, then sleepy monday afternoon.  ahem.
tuesday i went on a wonderfully fun little bay cruise with my friend doug and then over to allen's to pick up a bookcase i was taking and doug carried it upstairs for me and we sat around talking until waaay too late for a school night.<br>wednesday night, my friend lauren showed up and we stayed up too late...
today i am recovering and i took a nice hot bath and painted my toenails a fresh red, so i'm ready for the hot action tomorrow night: 
last dance of the year, baby!
{title=catching up}



unlike my usual sort of slow existence, lately i am super booked.
i have all kinds of random--though nice!  i'm not complaining!--social things going on, plus school stuff, plue my weird habit of trying to help people out until i fucking kill myself.
friday was the last dance of the year and i was on duty.  my friend cati came with me to keep me company--she actually finds the dances amusing, and so do i, for about the first half an hour.  anyway, with cati along, the dances are almost like fun.  we comment on fashion (all very very bad--lots of tie-on halter tops and thongs coming out of the back of girl's pants), the dancing (good LORD!  they really do the most obscene and ugly things you can imagine. and, to add insult to injury, they do it all with absolutely no sense of rhythm), the drama (so many breakups!  so many fights!  so many heart-felt hugs!), and the dirt kicker (the dirt kicker is miles, a down's syndrome kid who gets frustrated when "the ladies", as he likes to call them, won't give him any play.  while i generally don't favor the mocking of the developmentally disabled, miles is just so darned obnoxious, that i allow cati to make the occasional amusing observation).
saturday i went over to cati's to help her paint her monstrously huge and disheveled livingroom and stayed until i had to be rushed home to meet my friends coming in from modesto to go to a show with me.  my friend jose i dearly love...he's been around since i was about 18 and we share a love for the replacements and husker du and each other and we generally have a fine time together.  he brought his sister magda and a friend named russel and russel's new girlfriend, who is absolutely one of the most obnoxious and unpleasant people that i've met in a long time. 
anyway, we went to get some grub--obnoxious girl was STARVING and HAD TO EAT and then ate three bites and complained that what she got was exactly what she had ordered--and then we went to this cool looking bar for the show and watched a great first band from texas called egon and then a bad middle band and then our friend's band, lower forty-eight, which was really great.  the venue, however, totally sucked.  they had rented out the upper floor to a private party of some idiot frat boy types for a bachelor party or something and they had loud, horrible music  playing at the same time as the bands...THEY actually came and told my friend's band to turn it down!  we were all a little pissed about that...but i was also drunk on vodka gimlets, so i couldn't really work up a proper indignation.  this was the farewell of one of the band members that i used to know fairly well when he was about 14 but i don't think he has any idea who i am now, which is sort of sad and sort of funny, too.  jose tried to reintroduce us and ian had in his earplugs, so i guess i still don't know if he has a clue who i am!
sunday i got up in the morning and got a haircut from the lovely jeremy and then had brunch with jeffrey and then started painting again at cati's--and i was there painting, almost non-stop, until 11pm!  i was wrecked, but we did a lot of work.
this morning i had about the usual amount of trouble dragging my sorry ass out of bed and then i went to school for senior check out day--less than a week until summer holiday!
{title=busy, busy, busy}



i just went to a little wing ding and met dave eggers and shook his hand and talked to him...
god, that is so cool!


it is so nice to think that today was the last day of school and i will be on vacation, more or less care-free!, for two months!
<P>i leave for humboldt tomorrow morning and then i figure i'll come home from there on tuesday-ish.  i leave for new york on thursday, which hasn't really sunk in yet, but i suppose it will when i'm packing and doing laundry in a frenzy on wednesday.
<P>one of the coolest teachers in the english department at my high school left to move to colorado today and i'm curious to see what's going to happen in the department with her gone.  a lot has changed just in the last year, since i've been gone--now with eryn gone, too, it's going to be a totally different environment.
<P>between kids graduating and all the teachers leaving for places where they can actually afford to live on their salaries, any friends i chance to make at school seem destined to leave me behind.  i have no idea when the hell i'm going to figure out that i should leave, too, but for now i know i'm staying.
{title=last day of school!}



just back froma loverly visit to arcata...
<P>had a nice time with my mom and bought an AMAZING chair at the st. vincent de paul's for $10--it's an old grandma-style platform rocker that is upholstered (in great condition, though a little ugly) in big apple green and tan flowers, but who would even notice that once they look at the arms of the chair?  the arms are supported but little wooden swans!  it is absolutely the coolest chair on the block and i can't believe i didn't have my polaroid with me to take a picture.  i wanted so badly to stuff it into my car in some way to get it back to sf with me, but there was no way it was fitting into my crappy little fox, so it has to wait until the madre visits and brings it in the station wagon.
<P>the count is now 2 vintage rocking chairs hanging out in my mom's storage space in arcata, if anyone is keeping score.
<P>i also bought one pair of red dansko open-backed mary janes from north soles and an amazingly cool red vinyl travel case from the vintage avenger...it was a red kind of day.
<P>anyway, my mom seems to be doing really well now, though she still hasn't really made any friends.  she seems to like her job and seems to be staying afloat financially--at least i hope so, as i haven't given her any money in the last two months.  it's such a relief to see her settled in there and she is liking going to her church and all that business.  she wants me to go in with her one sunday so she can "show me off" to all the church ladies and i suppose i will do it.  it's not that huge a deal for me and it would make her happy.  it's not like i'll spontaneously combust if i enter a church...is it?
in other news, i have become obsessed with the idea of repainting everything in my bedroom--including this adorable pine secretary desk i saw up in arcata and am now dying to have--the colors of a garden gnome. 
<P> i don't really know why that is.
<P>tomorrow is laundry and packing and then on thursday i leave town again, this time for new york.  i feel the cat guilt swirling all around me and anubis is sitting in my lap right now.  at least i know cati will take care of my girl while i'm gone...but i'll still miss her!

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