walk the line -, -/+ not horrible, but just...blah. reese witherspoon was good...and i usually really like joaquin pheonix, but it was just not a very good script--there didn't seem to be much to work with that wasn't just melodrama. and i really WANTED to like it...

goldfish memory + it's a little glib to say it, but i've already forgotten almost everything about this one, other than that i enjoyed it at the time.

the weeping camel -- yargh. hate, hate, hate. even if i didn't find camels a little disturbing--i didn't know i felt this way until i saw this movie, so maybe it's not the camels' fault--the three hour painful birthing sequence would have put me off my oats for a week...and, on top of that, this "documentary" was peopled by a bunch of total fucking HAM ACTORS. give me back my time.

the matrix -/+ it actually took me a couple of days to make it through this one. i saw it with paul when it first came out and thought it was fun, but hadn't watched it since. i think it drags a little more now, but it's still fun.

happy endings -/+ i think i must have fallen asleep in part of it or something because, all of a sudden, things were happening that made no sense. or maybe that was just the movie.

bewitched + cute.

breaking away + i remember loving this as a kid. still good, though not in love anymore...

employee of the month + dark comedy...gruesome, at times, but not unwatchable. matt dillon was good.

the big lebowski + good. i'm not a huge coen brothers fan, for sure, but this was an enjoyable movie to watch.

a rumour of angels +/- bizarre. not totally unpleasant, but not very satisfying.

hitch + my mom told me it was sweet, and it was. nothing much else to report.

you and me and everyone we know ++ liked this a reminded me of a less horrifying todd solondz movie, maybe. that same discomfort and attention to detail, but it didn't me want to vomit and then take my own life.

sisterhood of the traveling pants +/- it was generally sweet, though there were parts that just bugged the fuck out of me.

staying together - bor-ring! like a really long after school special...and i can't for the life of me remember why i would have requested this movie. god, is it over yet?

reality bites - all i remembered about this movie was that i didn't like, for some reason, i thought i should watch it again. i still don't like it.

intermission + cillian murphy is just so hot...and this movie has some fucking hilarious parts, though it's also a bit rough around the edges. good fun.

walking and talking + jesus fucking christ--how embarassing! i am totally a less attractive version of catherine keener in this one...and that just hurts. couple that with the billy bragg and i can't help but think that someone made this film solely to taunt me about the unavoidable mortality of my cat.

sex and the city - this show has just never felt like it was for me, but it can still be absolutely hilarious sometimes. not the last season, though.

thumbsucker + not great, but good. sweet. sort of flounders around and doesn't really know what it's doing, but the cast is good.

rory o'shea was here +/- a little overly sentimental, but it had some sweet parts.

northern exposure, season one + so far, so good. i liked this show when it was first on, but it was right in my "move to the woods and quit watching television" thing, so i only watched a couple of episodes. it's charming.

forty-year-old virgin ++ i actually laughed out loud at least once...the ending, alone, is enough for the extra plus. otherwise, it was just a pleasant diversion.

disco pigs +/- attractive people and some interesting bits, but not that successful, overall. same boy as on the edge--cillian something? i think he's typecast as a crazy for the eyes.

six feet under, season four +/- still good, but i'm not liking it as much as the previous stuff. done. eh. not that impressed, but still some good moments.

united states of leland +great cast and a good film, if a little empty-feeling at the end. not sure i buy it, but it's sure got some nice bits.

happy campers + summer camp from the guy who made heathers...slight, but enjoyable. all the counselors looked way older than i think they were supposed to be, though. i'm going to have to look them up in the imdb now and see how old they really were.

flirting with disaster + i remember--i think--watching this at the minor and hating it, but it didn't seem at all familiar tonight. mildly annoying and it certainly stretched my patience, but it was also quite funny.

back to the future + i don't think i ever got around to actually watching this movie, somehow, other than maybe parts of television. it was fun, but i'm sure you know that by now.

the truman show and bruce almighty, a little jim carey double feature... + not bad. funny coincidence that i watched two peter weir movies almost back-to-back...i remember seeing truman when it first came out and being so taken by the idea. these days, with all the ludicrous obsession with "reality", i don't know if it gains or loses. bruce i had seen part of dubbed into spanish in las vegas last spring. it was amusing.

the cars that ate paris + strange australian film by peter wasn't perfect, but it was interesting.

the anarchist cookbook +/- eh, not great, but charming enough in a few places to make it worth watching.

broken flowers ++ when jim jarmusch is good, he's so good...and this is good. i was relieved that he didn't go too far with coincidence, that he didn't tell us too much. one of the better movies i've seen lately.

charms for the easy life +/- it was okay...though i admit to wandering off about 3/4 of the way through to chat with a boy online. good cast, but just a little too oprah for my tastes. kaye gibbons is a hack.

along came polly + nothing particularly brilliant, but it didn't annoy me, so that's pretty much good enough in these situations.

stone reader -/+ i wanted to like it...i mean, it's all about an obsessive reader, after all, and lots of the interviews were really interesting...but it basically drug. the filmmaker seemed preoccupied and the sequencing was more manipulative than i like my documentaries. ah, well. just because i'm a librarian doesn't mean i have to love all things library.

i vitelloni -/+ funny coincidence that i rented this fellini film the same day i took out late night shopping--i would have never recognized all the allusions in shopping if i hadn't seen this one. some of the scenes were amazing looking, but mostly it was just a sort of annoying film about how boys will be boys.

late night shopping ++ really enjoyable...and the pretty people in it didn't hurt a bit. sort of british kicking and screaming meets diner.

before sunset + i generally find both ethan hawke and julie delpy a little annoying and before sunrise was the beginning of the end of my love for linklater, but i do still love him, at least a little bit...and i think this movie--while obviously "taking the piss out of it" as the character himself says--was sweet. makes me want to have hope when all i really have is a headache.

the station agent ++ unsatisfying ending, but mostly because i liked those people and wanted to see more...

rain + i could tell what the "bad thing" was going to be a mile away, but it was still sort of fascinating. one of those films that succeeds in making one feel nostalgic for someone else's past, tragedy and all.

rare birds + sweet...and that hot woman who plays the rabbi in six feet under, molly parker, is in it.

anchor man - i was ridiculously drunk and it STILL wasn't funny.

on the edge + so very pretty! even with blue eyes, that boy is HAWT.

the perfect score +/- scarlett johansson is a super hottie and it was fairly amusing, but only suitable for a lazy sunday afternoon...not actual thought.

charlie and the chocolate factory + there aren't that many films that i'd want to sit in the fifth row of an IMAX for, but i have to say that this is one that i wasn't totally hating from that position...

coach + okay, so i'm having sex with my star forward in the high school lockerroom shower and the custodian almost comes in...i don't freak out! i just send him away with a wink and a nudge and then carry on with having sex with a high school kid. yeah.

something's gotta give -/+ eh, better than i would have thought, but still not very good...

carnivale, season one +

six feet under, season two +