am reading/have read

elsewhere ++ i LOVED this book. the premise is that when you die, you go to "elsewhere" and age backwards until you're a baby and then you get born back on earth. the main character is a 15-year-old girl who at first is just pissed about being dead and then comes around. honestly, i don't know that there is much there, but something about this book just hit me just right.

siberia + not QUITE the end of the world, but close. there are no animals, but their dna "seeds" have been saved and tended...that's the gist of it--interesting.

(fell behind in logging...i'm sure there were more, but i've forgotten now. november was a bad month...)

looking for alaska + good stuff; it's highly recommended for people who like the perks of being a wallflower and i'm diggin' it.

sandpiper + this was a good book for me to read. i can be harsh on people--and, when i say "people", i mean "women"--who let themselves be taken advantage faultline, this made to think about how one gets to the victim state. unlike faultline, this character is always strong, though sometimes misguided. and, oh, my! lots of blowjobs.

pretties + the sequel to uglies, that other scott westerfeld book. i love him! though this one isn't quite as good as the first.

thirsty + another vampire book, this one by MT Anderson, another author i like a lot. darker, particularly the ending, than i expected, but not bad.

dogs of babel +/- i loved the beginning of this book--it was sad and bizarre and fascinating...but then it just got to be too disturbing for me. i had to stop reading it, and just read the last chapter--and i almost never even approach the thought of doing that. i think if the reader wasn't me and wasn't in the place i was, it is probably a good book.

faultline - i love _the gospel according to larry_ and _vote for larry_, so i was looking forward to this other novel by the same author...and it's like she said to herself, "let's see...what does annette hate? she hates live comedy! and she also hates women who are victims! let's write a novel combining those two things, but set it in san francisco and throw in just enough stuff she likes to keep her going..." bah! no good!

growing wings +/- eh. okay.

peeps + i love scott westerfeld. this is the latest--vampirism is a sexually transmitted parasite. the main character is an un-changed carrier who hunts his former lovers...and yet it's really not a trashy book!

transmetropolitan ++ i'm on issue 3 now. man, this is a fucking great title.

prep - i can do gossip girl class trash, but this book thinks it's the catcher and it's really just "you know you love me". (didn't even finish it...and i almost always finish what i start!)

east + retelling of "east of the sun, west of the moon", apparently, though i don't think i actually know that story. good, in any case.

honey, baby, sweetheart + i read deb caletti's first novel a few years ago and it was good...this one is better. i get annoyed with her characters who seem so incapable of standing up for themselves--which, i guess, is the point--but her style of writing is quite good. effortless metaphors and similes and more sensual description of everyday things than most authors bother with trying.

necklace of kisses + grown-up weetzie bat sounded a little desperate and depressing, but it wasn't. made me a little wistful, but what doesn't, these days?

good girls gone bad +/- i didn't exactly like it, but it was intriguing and it def. had some redeeming features. a little too easy in ways and a little overly complicated, at the same time...but interesting.

gossip girl--all i want is everything + trashy, but a fun series. i'm constantly appalled and intrigued by the horrible classism.

eragon + i've been meaning to read this for a while now...glad i finally did. it's a little more of the hard fantasy than i'm used to reading, but it's a good story and i'll probably read the sequel and maybe even see the movie. who knows?

harry potter 6 + wasn't in love with it, but it was okay...of course, i've almost completely forgotten it already, but i guess that's the nature of my reading lately.

naked without a hat + i liked this book for a lot of reasons, even though it was obviously flawed. still, any work that actually keeps its big secret ending from me is impressive for that, alone...and there was more than just that here.