the soundtrack to my life...

i've always been a very dedicated listener to music, though lately i find myself in a bit of a rut. still, the right album has very often gotten me through those gloomy phases when i didn't know what else to do with myself besides listen.

leonard cohen, songs of love and hate
when i was about 12 i went to replay records in modesto with my mother and mike, the owner, gave me this record, on vinyl, complete with the little booklet inside because i said i was depressed. this is, undoubtedly, the perfect record for depression--maintaining or instilling.
the feelies, the good earth
the feelies are one band that i don't think i could ever get tired of hearing...this is probably my favorite of their albums, but i could stack the stereo with all of 'em and listen back to back and be happy.
johnny cash, patsy cline and hank williams, any and all
my mom was the johnny fan, my dad gave me patsy and hank...i love them all, particularly in a bar jukebox.
husker du, new day rising
probably my favorite from the du, though candy apple gray has a lot of memories, too. still, "celebrated summer" and "eiffel tower high" trump almost anything.
bob mould, black sheets of rain
i love bob so much that it's painful to me, sometimes, to not-love something he's done. i love him like a friend who fucks things up sometimes or like a family member that you can't unlove, even when you sometimes want to. we're definitely having some growing pains with the latest stuff, but the solo albums are fucking golden, every one up to modulate...and sugar kicks ass, too.
the lemonheads, it's a shame about ray
now that's a catchy album. i didn't know anything about evan dando as sex symbol crack-head and it's probably better that way...i just knew i loved these songs and they covered one of my favorite songs from hair.
emmet swimming, arlington
this is a band that i love, but am sometimes a little embarassed about loving because i suspect they're really crap. but i can't help it!
matthew sweet, girlfriend
perfect summer driving music...i think of joe and the things about the central valley that i didn't hate.
tom waits, rain dogs
k introduced me to tom waits when i lived with her in yosemite. i have a ton of his stuff, but this was the first i heard and it's still my favorite.
brian eno, another green world
it's just so good. same with taking tiger mountain...
the mountain goats, we shall all be healed
i love the mountain goats and i could have as easily put protein source of the future now up, since that's another favorite. when we shall all be healed came out, i actually thought it was a little over-produced, but it's really stood the test of time...even though there aren't any songs about the easter bunny.
the weakerthans, reconstruction site
i don't love them now as much as i did when i first heard them on swedish punk rock radio, but i still like them a lot...good ol' commie emo angst.

okay, i guess i should call it a night on that list for now. we'll see if anyone climbs the ranks or falls from grace.