my favorite movies...

harold and maude is my favorite film in every way. i have watched it in so many different parts of my life--maude is always my role model. and, silly as it is, it really made me feel a little less miserable when my dad died. i used to watch it again and again and i still bring it out every couple of months.

naked lunch would be on the list--i think it's cronenberg's best film and it's one of the three films we used to watch over and over in college, along with wings of desire and slacker.. just creepy and over the top and great.

the unbelieveable truth, hal hartley's first feature film. it's probably my favorite of his films...though it's hard to choose between that and simple men and trust. it often seems that i latch onto an artist's first works and their raw style and then grow resentful of their natural change as they continue working. it broke my heart when hal started to make bad movies...i keep hoping he'll dump that wife of his and come back to me.

an angel at my table is such an amazing film--i didn't put janet frame on the book list, but i probably should have. watching this film about her life made me start to read her work and it is amazing. jane campion has made some strong films, but i think this is my favorite. sweetie is just too nasty to really love.

wings of desire is sometimes a little embarassing and the soliloquays go on way too long, but it's so heartbreakingly beautiful. and i think the most disappointing sequel in the history of the word is far away, so close. though, i guess i couldn't have really been too disappointed, as i pretty much expected the worst...and at least i got to see wings again on the big screen when they re-released it to play with far away...

my neighbor totoro, the animated film by miyazaki, is one of my favorites, too--it's just a very positive thing to watch--the girls are so strong and brave and the environmental message is not overwhelming, like it is in princess mononoke, but def. there. spirited away is also a gorgeous film, but totoro beats it out by a nose.

hair is on the list. it's just something i can't resist from my childhood. i fucking LOVED that movie, and i can (and do) still quote random bits of it, even though no one knows what i'm talking about.

stranger than's hard to pick which of the jarmusch films i would take, but i think this one i would never grow tired of watching. dead man is a very close second...and mystery train ranks for charm. he's another one that is hit or miss, though. coffee and cigarettes was just a waste of time and talent.

slacker is absolutely fascinating to me, every minute. you know, though--waking life would almost rival it in my eyes. but, no--slacker it is. i was SO happy when they finally came out with the criterion edition dvd!

wes anderson is my current favorite american filmmaker. i really love bottle rocket--dignan totally reminds me of richard, in some ways, and it's just funny and sweet. rushmore is also wonderful in so many ways.

dogs in space, for sentimental reasons, must be mentioned. i am hoping it will finally come out on dvd--my vhs copies (yes, i have two!) are getting beat down, to say the least.

there are so many others that mean a lot to me, but i think these are the solid picks. film has always held such an important place in my life, since i was just a's the fun kind of work to try to whittle down the list to the bare bones, and then agonize about the movies that got left out, like drowning by numbers and silent running...bill and ted's excellent adventure...soylent green and logan's run!

any suggestions?