i never really thought much about having a fetish.

some strange obsession or fascination that other people didn't share, but i guess i have one...it has to do with sheds.

pumphouses, in particular.

any small house-like place, set apart from the main dwelling makes me immediately want to go inside of it and have sex. like RIGHT NOW...and i don't think i even particularly care with whom--though i do prefer that it be raining outside.

i seriously become sexually aroused by sheds...and the crazy thing is that i assumed everyone had this sort of bizarre devotion to small outbuildings. according to ann, they don't.

the absolute best scenario is the pumphouse--you know, those super tall (is it phallic? is that the root?), square buildings that often seem to have windows with no glass in them, but that sometimes people are lucky enough to live in. i see myself walking into one in the rain and just having some strong young boy and no electricity and nothing to worry about--no consequences to the actions, just pleasure and enjoyment.

i think part of the lure of these little buildings is that they are separate from the houses but they are still sort of vulnerable--your illicit pleasures that occur there could very easily be interrupted. i even have dirty little fantasies about kids' playhouses and stuff-it's really disturbing when i think about it. these never have anything to do with children or anything--it's just any small place. i have no idea why...but think of marge and homer doin' it in the mini golf windmill and i'm there!


okay--anyone out there with me on this?