this past weekend i had a vist from a boy and (other than pleasing me, of course) he had one task to accomplish while in san francisco--go to this certain fortune cookie factory and buy his mom a bag of cookies.

we didn't really have the address, other than that it was in some alley and i avoid chinatown because it is just too fucking crowded, but the last day he was here we took a long walk and decided to cruise through chinatown so he could at least tell his mom he tried to get the cookies.

i couldn't believe it when i actually spotted the alley and we found the cookie factory--pretty cool to watch them wrap 'em up! AND the lady gave us free cookies to eat on the walk--so he buys the cookies and then we go have lunch and i take him to the airport and he flies away home.

the next day i get an email from him saying that he had bought dirty fortune cookies for his mom! i told him that it must have been all my dirty thoughts that allowed me to find the place in the first place--i was on the same wavelength!

(hope he's saving some of the better ones for future reference...)

june 5, 2001