shawn was supposed to be just a fling in my carefree life.

i had been in yosemite a couple of months and had already broken up with richard and slept with eduardo and frolicked about with a another few boys. i was experiencing this amazing power of my body and the fact that i could have any boy i wanted, more or less, and i thought i wanted him for a night or two.


should have known it wouldn't be that easy.

everything was great for the first night...he knew exactly what to do to make me swoon. physically, our relationship was so hot that i couldn't believe my luck. it was all supposed to be easy-breezey...and it was, until this other hot boy named joe decided that he was going to leave the park and that we should say a pleasant goodbye.

at this point, shawn was spying on me outside the cabin and stormed in (did i mention they were roommates?) and basically tricked me into saying i loved him because i wasn't willing to give up on him all together, as it seemed to be an all or nothing situation.

the good news was that we continued to have great sex at least once or twice every day for the next couple of years. the bad news was that that he was pretty fucked up--his dad had killed himself, he did a lot of drugs, he was totally insecure and jealous, even though i never even thought of cheating once i had committed myself.

during this same time, my dad was getting sicker and sicker and i finally had to leave the park and head back to mo-town. i figured it would be a good idea to break up with shawn the same way i had with richard--just move away. he tricked me and followed me and i ended up living with him in a bad little apartment, watching depressing nature documentaries and MTV until my dad died and got me out of the mess by filling me up with way too much grief to deal with a bad boyfriend.

but, to make it final, i moved again--this time up to humboldt.

bachelor #1 is a super-hero

bachelor #3 is a jerk

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